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CGA chairs the ASISA Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Working Group - a sub- committee of the Responsible Investment Committee. In this capacity CGA was able to have input into the development of the CRISA (Code for Responsible Investing SA).

CGA has already advised and assisted asset managers to formulate and define their CRISA policies and public statements. Furthermore, through the appropriate application of the tools developed through CGA’s sister companies, we are able to compile tailored, measurable ESG reporting criteria of targeted companies. This greatly simplifies and facilitates the implementation of ESG motoring criteria to meet any asset owner mandate requirements.

As a result CGA is able to offer the following specialised advisory services:

  • Assistance and guidance with CRISA implementation

  • Shareowner engagement services including
    • Research on engagement issues relating to particular target companies
    • Advice on engagement strategies and priorities
    • Outsourced engagement and proxy voting services

  • Facilitation of inter-shareholder collaborative exchanges

  • Policy advice and guidance on ESG matters

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