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  Benefits of Certification

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The CGA certification process has been developed to provide the organisation with a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include the provision of:

  • Assurance for the Board on the status of corporate governance

  • An independent, objective assessment of conformance with regional governance codes

  • Official recognition of achievement

  • An independent early warning of any governance oversights

  • A comparative analysis of additional significant ratings e.g. PIC, SRI (SA) or NAPF and ABI (UK)

  • A benchmark indicator for asset owners and asset managers

  • A conformance indicator to statutory and regulatory authorities

  • A stimulus for the inculcation of corporate governance principles and best practice in management

  • Assurance for a broad range of stakeholders

  • Providing companies with a competitive edge

  • Meeting asset owner and asset management expectations

  • Elimination of ‘survey fatigue


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