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By adapting our unique web-based governance tools we are able to remove all the hassle traditionally involved in conducting board and committee evaluations, thereby saving time and money and making the entire process much more efficient, affordable and less invasive. In short, with the efficient use of web-based software, we have developed a cost effective system which achieves the goals and spirit of King III with minimal inconvenience to directors and with maximum benefit from the engagement.


  • Board Evaluation
  • Board Committee Evaluations
  • Director Evaluation
  • Director Orientation
  • Chairperson and CEO Evaluations
  • Committee Chair Evaluations


  • Consultations with Chair of Board/ Committees to develop and formulate tailored evaluation content
  • Drafting and setting up bespoke web- site;
  • Varied answer sets rather than just ‘Yes/No’ options;
  • Ability for participants to add comments and suggestions outside of questionnaire;
  • All technical support, design and setup;
  • Secure access including usernames and passwords;
  • Progress and update reports;
  • Full analysis of results for each board / committee;
  • Comprehensive hard copy report with results and analysis;
  • Results presentation to the board and each committee to present and discuss results;
  • ‘To do’ list compiled for the board and each committee for next year’s work plan;
  • All information and data managed in complete confidentiality;
  • If required, a written submission of process and results for inclusion in Annual Report.


  • Minimal intervention and maximum efficiency
  • Flexibility for Directors in being able to access questionnaires from any internet connection
  • Use of software to facilitate process and expedite result analysis
  • Efficiency of process means reduced costs
  • Full interaction in presentation and analysis of results
  • Instant dashboard results
  • Independent, objective and confidential reports.

Non-executive Directors are encouraged to evaluate their performance from time-to-time to make sure that they are on track and that they are performing effectively. We provide the ideal environment for this to be done in a manner that fosters openness and transparency in a secure environment and in complete confidence.

Besides being a requirement for good governance, new appointees to boards can feel overwhelmed and unsure of their knowledge or understanding of their duties and responsibilities towards the organisation. We help overcome these concerns by working with them individually to identify areas in which they may require additional information and/or possible training or education – all in a secure and confidential environment. As all organisations are expected to have a programme for the induction/orientation of new board members, this process should be a ‘must have’ for all boards.

Downloadable copies of our brochures for our Board Evaluation Services are available at


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