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Whether it’s the application and implementation of the Protocol on Corporate Governance in the Public Sector (, or governance in national/provincial or local government departments, municipalities or any other organs of state, CGA is able to provide a comprehensive range of governance services specifically tailored for each application including:

  • Establishing the appropriate governance framework and architecture

  • Implementation of tailored solutions for improved monitoring and reporting

  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of Boards, committees, members and personnel

  • Implementation of good governance practices

  • Staff training on PFMA and related Treasury Regulations

  • Training and guidance on ethics and organisational values

  • Training and guidance on good governance principles and practices

  • Governance reviews and gap analyses

Furthermore, through the services of our sister companies, we are able to provide access to tailored governance software tools specially designed for government and SOE applications to provide an ‘all-in-one’ packaged convenient solution of offering the ability to:

  • Measure and benchmark governance

  • Measure performance against pre-selected KPIs

  • Conduct Board and Committee Evaluations on-line

  • Standardise inter-departmental reporting

  • Provide access to internal ‘governance knowledge centre’

  • Conduct Director Evaluations on-line and

  • Conduct Director Orientation / training programmes on-line, and

  • Have access to electronic a Board pack tool that facilitates the distribution of and access to Board documentation in a secure on-line environment

Where appropriate, through its certification services, CGA is able to offer verification of any reported benchmarks or results.


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