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CGA is at the forefront of the drive to enhance corporate governance standards in Southern Africa. It has developed a bespoke set of benchmark conformance standards. These standards are applied to the certification of companies with regard to conformance with the Corporate Governance Code and Guidelines that have been formulated by the King Committee.

Over the past few years, CGA has entrenched itself as the leading innovator in developing and implementing governance initiatives in Southern Africa. In this regard it has achieved a number of ‘firsts’, namely;

a. the first company to establish a means to quantify progress with regard to the implementation of governance best practice standards enterprise-wide.

b. the first company to develop and market a governance management implementation tool that is verifiable and measurable;

c. the first governance certification of JSE listed companies;

d. the establishment of the first governance benchmark/indices on an exchange;

These unique achievements are not only ground-breaking, but have set the pace for South Africa as a leading competitive investment destination in a global economy.

"Good corporate governance creates an attractive climate for foreign direct investment. If investors do not know what to expect their interest is dampened."

Reuel Khoza, President of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa,
Chairman of Escom and Co-ordinated Network Investments, Director of Standard Bank
Business Day - 22 October 2001

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