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Since 2007 CGA has been certifying the levels of governance (in its inclusive sense) on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange SA (JSE). CGA is justifiably proud of its reputation as a pioneer and innovator in establishing a governance benchmark for listed companies and is currently in discussion with the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for the provision of a similar service.

Furthermore, clients have the option to utilise the governance software tools specially designed for JSE listed companies that provide an ‘all-in-one’ packaged, convenient solution of offering the ability of the client company to:

  • Benchmark its governance

  • Measure its performance against a basket of related indices

  • Conduct Board Evaluations on-line

  • Conduct Director Evaluations on-line

  • Conduct Director Orientation programmes on-line, and

  • Have access to an electronic Board Pack tool that facilitates the distribution of and access to Board documentation in a secure on-line environment

These services enable companies to avoid the hassle of ‘survey fatigue’ and have the added benefits of:

  • Improved access to governance information for Boards

  • Improved shareholder communications

  • Improved Integrated Sustainability Reporting

  • Benchmarking of governance performance putting your company on the radar screens of all investors and especially those who are signatories to CRISA

[See ‘Products’ for further information.]

CGA has a matchless national and international track record as the innovator, pioneer and leading service provider of these unique services.


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