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A Wealth of Skills and Expertise
A major CGA advantage is the significant wealth of skills and expertise at its disposal. This is illustrated in composition of the shareholders and Board of Directors.

The CGA Board of Directors
J.R. Lewis: Executive Director
Jonathan was admitted as an attorney in 1986. He is a published author on legal and governance issues and has delivered numerous papers on governance matters both nationally and abroad. He founded CGA and developed its unique certification methodology which applies he principles enshrined in King III. CGA is the only corporate governance advisory and certification company applying this process and has already certified a number of companies on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange. Jonathan has received numerous awards for his achievements in the area of governance and entrepreneurship and has earned a deserved reputation as a leader in the area of corporate governance.

Richard Wilkinson (Non-executive)
Richard Wilkinson was the past Executive Director of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa and also served on the board of Transparency South Africa. He was an executive director of the Rennies Group between 1984-1990 and served the group in various senior management and board positions for 35 years. He has served, and continues to serve on various other listed and non-listed company boards. Richard provided secretariat functions to and is still a member of the Boards and Directors subcommittee of the King Committee on Corporate Governance and served on the Corporate Governance Forum. He is an avid sports supporter, athlete and administrator.

Jonathan Lewis (see above)

Richard Wilkinson (see above)

Phil Armstrong
Phil Armstrong is the Head of the Corporate Governance Forum based in Washington, DC, USA. He was the convener and main editor of the King Committee when it put King 11 together (2002). He was also the MD of ENF Corporate Governance Advisory Services (Pty) Ltd, the past President of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and a previous Council member of, and advisor to, the Commonwealth Association of Corporate Governance. In addition, he has been a co-ordinator of the Pan-Africa Forum on Corporate Governance and a past member of the Advisory Council to the SA Development Institute.

Phil was obliged to relinquish his board position with CGA to take up his position as the Head of the Global Corporate Governance Forum, based in Washington DC, USA, however he remains a shareowner of CGA.


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