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In keeping with CGA’s reputation and standing as a leading provider of governance services we are able to offer our clients access to tools that facilitate the implementation of good governance practices tailored to meet regional requirements and standards.

In order to maintain an arms-length association with the systems / tools so as not to influence the independence of our certification services, these products are offered by companies whose products have been vetted to ensure that they meet our own stringent quality standards. Furthermore, we must be totally satisfied that the products measure and report on the full range of issues including governance, environmental and social issues incorporating ethics, values and regionally relevant content. We need to be assured that the measured content is as comprehensive as possible when measured against the information relevant to Boards and major stakeholders. In this sense, the product content must strike a balance of being a high level overview with the necessary gravitas to be able to offer suitable assurance to the Board and stakeholders.

As an additional consideration, the product must meet our intention to provide tools that reduce survey fatigue, facilitate the process of implementation and reporting and improve disclosure, transparency and accountability. In this manner the scope of the benefits of the tools are expanded to include the overburdened Company Secretaries and their secretariat and to ease their burden of implementation.

Finally, in order to ensure that these rigorous standards are met and maintained, we need to have input into the updating and maintenance of the product content to ensure that they are keep current and constantly adapted to meet changing needs and requirements of stakeholders.

Currently, the only tools that meet these rigorous standards and requirements nationally are those provided by Governance Integrity Solutions SA (Pty)Ltd and for the United Kingdom, Governance Integrity Solutions UK Ltd.

These companies currently offer solutions for Pension Funds, and listed companies and are in the process of developing specific solutions for the asset management industry as well. Platforms used for these products are easily adaptable for applications for SOEs and government bodies as well.

In line with the latest client demands and trends in technology, the above products have recently been adapted for mobile applications for iPads with Android versions in the pipeline. New applications are constantly being developed as our client’s needs dictate.



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